Guys! I’m so excited to bring you this blog post in collaboration with Better Shea Butter. You may have already heard about the amazing benefits of Shea Butter. They can be used in a multiplicity of ways. It’s actually an ancient old secret. It dates back to ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra and Queen Sheba kept jars of Shea Butter in their beauty arsenal and for good reason. They have been found to have amazing properties and benefits. Best of all they are pure, natural, organic, and chemical free. It’s super important to protect our body’s largest organ, our skin. These natural Skincare products are non-hazardous to your skin unlike chemical laden products used today which contain toxic chemicals that harm your health. Some of the benefits include:

Highly moisturizing, anti aging, reduces wrinkles, anti inflammatory, heals wounds, burns, maintains elasticity, protects against free radicals, collagen production stimulator, reduce stretch marks, natural SPF, contain vitamins A, E, and F…Amazing benefits for hair, and used to treat a wide array of health conditions…read more

What I love about it is that every time you buy ethically sourced products like these you are contributing to the livelihood and betterment of the beautiful women in Ghana. Because of companies like these women in Ghana have jobs and opportunities which they would not have otherwise. As an informed consumer there is nothing more valuable than knowing that your dollars help people in our world who need it most. For more information checkout Better Shea Butter’s website for all of their amazing products, DIY recipes and more…