Ah! I’m over here like “never wanting summer to end” you guys! Aside from the summer heat wave of course because shooting in the middle of summer is always an interesting adventure, to say the least! But I absolutely love what I do, so I can’t complain. It really has been an epic summer this year. I hope yours has been too! I’ve gotten a chance to collaborate with so many epic brands. Talking about epic brands, on this post I am collaborating with Lizzy James. I absolutely love their brand because all of their beautiful creations are handmade in California using only but the best materials for all of their jewerly designs. The piece that I am wearing is the silver and leather wrap bracelet which doubles as a necklace! It’s absolutely the best quality and their designs are just timeless as they are beautiful. I like to wear this piece both ways, as both a bracelet and a necklace. I love the shiny silver details because they pop against a cute outfit and other pretty accesories. I love the versatility of it as you get to style this piece how you would like to showcase your personal style. I am linking this exact style here so that you can check them out if you are interested. They also have all of new released pre-fall items online now, so you have plenty to browse.  They have many styles available, ranging from your favorite metal to your favorite designs. The best part is that they are totally customizable and you get to pair different style bracelets for a very unique look. If you like bracelet stacking like me, you will love all of the variaty this brand has to offer. All of the prettiest, timeless pieces you can imagine.  I am totally obssessed. You are also welcome to use my discount code JOGGARCIA at checkout to save on all of your online purchases. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces with me from your purchase. Let me know which ones are your favorite. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all of my daily inspiration posts if you haven’t already.