Hi and welcome to my virtual slice of paradise. My name is Jo G. Garcia. I love all things fashion, décor, travel and adventuring through life. Most of all I am a hopeless dreamer whom given enough caffeine can pretty much come close to ruling the world. But my most ambitious dream of all is to inspire women from all walks of life to live their dream life. Whatever that looks like for them. You can always find me in between dreams. I used to never pay attention to my dreams until one day I realized that many of my dreams would actually come true. So I started paying attention. You see, I spent so long seeking my purpose in life, until one day I finally understood that my purpose was instead seeking me. And so, dreams meet travel was born. It was born out of love and genuine desire to give, express and inspire. Through this creative outlet I hope to share and connect with you. Personal style is about everyday women defining their own style and living the best expression of themselves. Not just with the aim of looking their best but being able to feel confident in their own skin. To stand triumphant, not mastered by difficulty, not oblige to any strong force but truly becoming women of honor, respect, and admiration. For me fashion is not about beauty, size, or body type. Instead it’s all about owning your own style and living fearlessly. I hope this blog will inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible and to always, always, always, travel in the direction where your dreams lead you.


Jo G. Garcia